Peter lyons collister, asc

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Peter lyons collister, asc

RED has been making good on that promise, allowing more sample clips to be uploaded, and while the following clip from ASC Cinematographer Peter Lyons Collister may not feature exotic locations like what we saw from Mark Toia's video and what we'll surely see from Tom Loweit shows off some gorgeous skin tones and quite a bit of dynamic range.

He posted his settings on REDUser :. Those first few images in the clip are what people myself included have been looking for, and to me it actually has a different feeling than EPIC MX footage I've seen in the past, even some of the nicer stuff that's been graded with secondaries to get the skin tones just right.

There definitely seems like more dynamic range with the sensor, as the highlights and shadows are holding practically everything a good example is the clip shot against the window. Again, with a sensor that is as clean as DRAGON, even if it doesn't have that much more in the highlights, underexposing slightly should move that dynamic range around without penalty to ensure you don't blow anything in the higher end. Though we'll have to wait for higher quality files from the sample footage above, right now the test from Evin Grant is available to download in ProRes LT, which shows much higher detail and gives you a better sense of the noise at high ISOs.

You can watch that clip again below, or download the ProRes here :. And if you missed the first clip from Mark Toia, check it out:. I'd be really interested in seeing some log clips that give you access to even more of the details in the highlights and shadows since there is only so much you can infer from graded web footage.

Hopefully we will be getting some. We'll update as soon as possible when more downloadable footage is made available. Beautiful images coming off the Dragon.

I know that the color science isn't quite set yet, but the skin tones are looking fantastic. I'm not anti-Red but, I don't think this footage deserves much more than a 'pretty good'. Most of it looks kind of video-y to me. I can see what you mean by video-y in the night shot but that environment would be problematic for any digital camera, given the mixed and spiky light sources.

Aside from that, what two shots look the worst to you and which one looks the best? I'm trying to see what you're seeing and I'm usually pretty sensitive to it but I'm not getting that from this video.

Have you watched the MB version? It helps. Well, for the record, I didn't mean to say any of it looks bad. It looks very good indeed. Yes, it has great detail and DR but, as Robert Hunter said, 'it looks like ultra clean video'. That's exactly what I think it looks like. It, definitely, does NOT look like film. Film is not this clean.

And, It does not look organic, as Alex commented. This particular sample looks color corrected but, it doesn't look graded. Perhaps it was not graded purposefully to, more precisely, illustrate the DR the camera is capable of.

If that's the case, fine. But, without a grade, it look like very clean video to me. Sorry if I offend anyone by saying that but, it's my opinion. That said, I think it is now necessary, in the no-film, digital domain, for acquisition to look like this.

I'm not sure it exceeds the capabilities an F65 or even the Alexa but, it exemplifies a facet of the changing landscape of modern film-making in that, as many have stated before, the 'look' of the film is moving from the film stock to the grading room. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. As long as the DP, if he or she wishes and I hope they dohas the opportunity to oversee and guide that process.

QUT Real World Futures: Disruptive Influences Conference - Professor Peter Coaldrake, AO

I hate the idea of the DP becoming merely a camera operator. My point is that, since we are moving away from the use of film, digital camera footage needs to look like the sample Mr.Includes only living people who are listed as active members; does not include past members, associate members, or honorary members of the ASC.

The current list of active members is at the ASC Members page. As of August [update]there are active members, not all of whom have Wikipedia biographies. The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a non-diffusing subcategory of Category:American cinematographers. It includes American cinematographers that can also be found in the parent category, or in diffusing subcategories of the parent.

Pages in category "American Society of Cinematographers members" The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. Green Adam Greenberg cinematographer Alexander Gruszynski. I Mark Irwin. J Peter James cinematographer Johnny E. Jensen Matthew Jensen cinematographer Frank E. Johnson Shelly Johnson cinematographer.

K Adam Kane Victor J. Leonetti Matthew F. O Rene Ohashi Daryn Okada. Q Declan Quinn. W Fabian Wagner Roy H.

Wagner Mandy Walker Michael W.

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Watkins Lisa Wiegand Stephen F. Windon Alexander Witt. Categories : American Society of Cinematographers American cinematographers.

Namespaces Category Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Cinematographer Camera Department Assistant Director.

Can Jay Pharoah stay as cool as ice on the ice? Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale.

Watch the video. Sign In. Born: March 9, Add or change photo on IMDbPro. Known For. The Rundown Camera and Electrical Department Bad Boys Camera and Electrical Department Sonic the Hedgehog Camera and Electrical Department True Memoirs of an International Assassin Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Barely Lethal Arrested Development Hop Furry Vengeance State of the Union The Weekend Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Bill Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties The Amityville Horror Surviving Christmas Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Home of the Brave The Master of Disguise Deeds The Animal Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo The Replacement Killers The Beautician and the Beast Dunston Checks In Higher Learning Ground Zero Texas Poetic Justice And because the band of critters ranged from squirrels to a South African condor with a 7-foot wingspan, cinematographer Peter Lyons Collister, ASC, had no accurate gauge how much footage would be needed to capture the four-legged performances.

Right around the same time, his agent began receiving commercial job offers for a cinematographer who not only had RED experience, but also owned one. And on Furry Vengeance we were shooting with real raccoons, otters, crows, which all move very fast, so we really needed high-speed 48 fps digital capture to slow down their movements. We shot on Firmware 17, and a little bit at the end with Firmware Now they are on Firmware Collister would do an over the shoulder shot of the Stuffie on Fraser.

If the Stuffie worked, the shot was good. After the first preview, we discovered the audience responded well so everybody wanted to do more.

Furious FX, our primary vendor has a MAC render farm server set up, so the actual rendering is not done on the laptop or desktop box where you check things. Then, we did a lot of greenscreen bluescreen tests with the animals. We knew our screens would be daylight lit rather than lit with color Kinoflos. We did a lot of exposure tests with green versus blue and got a lot of good information from Jon on the best setting for transcoding the files so that we would have the optimum quality for visual effects composite work.

He too became a RED convert.

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Working with animals was also an interesting challenge for the operator who lives in bear country. The bear looked down at the stake, swatted at it with her paw and it fell out of the ground like it was made out of Legos instead of steel. Then she ambled over and ate all the blueberries! Nobody got hurt, but it was very amusing.

Peter Lyons Collister

Furry Vengeance shot in July and Augustnorth of Boston during one of the wettest seasons in some time. Then everybody would pack up and run into the house. We had a few sunny days, then the clouds would come in, then the rain, so with the light constantly varying, Peter had to scramble to keep the look consistent.

Collister agrees that the weather was a major challenge, particularly because much of the film was set in daylight exterior. We shot it over a week with 2nd unit coming in at different times in rain, sun and shade. Dave Cole our colorist at Laser Pacific is trying to even it out.

Where you have a day exterior scene, shoot it over a period of a week from dawn till dusk and with a tremendous amount of greenscreen stuff and second unit stuff. In preproduction it rained every single day. Sort of like the animals have taken over the neighborhood.

Home Web Exclusives. By Ted Elrick.Although he was convicted in May of murdering his stepdaughter, Ryan Lee Shelby maintained his innocence during a lengthy court hearing Wednesday that ended with his being sentenced to 55 years in prison.

His denial of year-old Alexis Oesterle's murder, however, took the form of a written statement defense attorney Anthony Long read after explaining Shelby thought he would become too emotional reading it himself. Shelby, 35, did not testify during the month-long trial in Warrick Circuit Court.

The crime took place in Spencer County, but the trial and sentencing were moved to Warrick County because of pretrial publicity. The jury found him guilty of murder, obstruction of justice and two misdemeanor charges of false informing. Echoing Long's trial defense, Shelby's statement attempted to pin blame for Alexis' death on her mother, Jessica Oesterle, and prompting Spencer County Prosecutor Kelly Corne to object.

Oesterle's body was found behind a shed in the backyard of her Grissom Avenue home in Rockport, Ind. She died of a loss of blood caused by a cut to her throat, but according to trial testimony she also was severely beaten, suffering potentially fatal skull fractures. Shelby's statement in court Wednesday said he came home on the night of Nov. He said he attempted to persuade her to call police and report it and when she had not done so by the end of the next day, he called them himself.

However, key evidence in the trial was a pair of statements Shelby made admitting he killed Oesterle. Shelby confessed to police under questioning, but during the trial, his attorney argued the confession was coerced after long hours of interrogation. In his statement Wednesday, Shelby said he did not know why he confessed, explaining he was tired and under stress.

I am so sorry I didn't go to the police sooner," his statement said. At trial, Corne argued Shelby confessed not once, but twice. The second time came during a recorded phone call from the Spencer County Jail between Shelby and his family. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. I cared for her, and my heart broke for her," Shelby's statement said. Read preview Overview. News from Abroad By Donald R. Shaimor Columbia University Press, By Lichter, S.

peter lyons collister, asc

Lexington The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Malik, Adam The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Maxwell, Robert The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests.Career : 'I was expelled from USC in and at the same time I won an award called the 'Focus Award', which was sort of the equivalent of a student Academy Award for cinematography.

The director was named Phil Joanou, who's gone on to have a very big career. After the screening, a writer from Columbia Pictures came up to me and said, look, I really want to direct but the studio's not going to give me an opportunity. I'm going to write a short film, and would you shoot this for me.

I can't pay you, but would you do it, you know, gratis? And I thought - absolutely. I mean, this is what I want to do. So we did a little short, called 'Video Valentino'in five days. And he said, look, if I ever get a feature film, I'm going to call you to shoot it. And I thought, yeah, sure you are. But sure enough, a year later, I got a call to shoot this picture called 'You Can't Hurry Love'which was an expansion of this movie 'Video Valentino' that we had done.

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He couldn't work; he had some kind of weird tropical disease that had been misdiagnosed. My uncle actually cured him of this illness. So Conrad was very indebted to my uncle and my uncle said, hey, do you want to go meet Conrad Hall?

And I thought, oh my God, Conrad Hall. I said, you know, should I become an assistant or what should I do? And he said, you know, you're already a cinematographer, why do you want to become an assistant? Just stick it out. Find a way to survive the lean times. You already know what it's like to shoot a movie.For over 25 years I have worked as a professional motion picture camera assistant.

Shelby Gets 55 Years for Killing Stepdaughter ; Killer Still Maintains Innocence

With more than sixty feature films, over three hundred commercials, episodic television, music videos, and documentary work, I bring the necessary experience that is sought after by top cinematographers and producers alike. Making sure the Camera Department is running smoothly is my specialty. I can supply expendables, camera carts, specialty rentals equipment, and enough gear to fill an entire camera truck for the next big budget block buster, or just enough for the moderate independent film.

My complete understanding of digital workflow, color management, visual effects, and post-production is a valuable asset on set. I can provide data management, transcoding, and file transfer services as well. To utilize my skills as a professional motion picture camera assistant, and prove to be a resourceful. Local since Classification: Camera Assistant. More than sixty feature films as a main unit AC, over commercials, episodic television, music videos, documentaries, corporate, and industrial films.

Trained and certified by every major professional film and digital motion picture camera manufacturer. Assembly, operation, maintenance, and safely caring for cameras, lenses, filters, and accessories are my specialties.

Peter Lyons Collister

Complete understanding of digital workflow, color management, visual effects, and post-production. Digital Camera Systems. Remote Systems.

Deans List 4 years. I have an extensive kit, and supplying whatever the camera department demands is what I do best. I can provide just enough to fit a small budget production, or I can outfit an entire camera truck for your next.

Here is a partial list of what is available.

peter lyons collister, asc

Call for rates and availability. Also available for rent is a Cartoni Lambda Head.

Broadcast electronics transmitters

The Lambda is a Nodal Swing Head ideally suited for any variety of professional film and digital cameras fully equipped with long lenses, mattebox and extra large film magazines.

Providing a high level of operational flexibility, this fluid head can be easily fitted to a wide range of supports including tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars. The mounting can be inverted in under-slung position for low line positioning and allow the camera to be moved all the way to the ground and provide for accurate images which normally cannot be obtained with other traditional supports.

No springs or similar counter reaction elements are required to set the head in a fixed tilt position and fluid pan and tilt movements have the same identical feel. The lens focal distance can be kept constant by presetting the fore and aft horizontal sliding plate.

peter lyons collister, asc

Camera Rocker Swivel Plate. The Camera Rocker sits on a flat base that can be placed directly on the ground, a counter top, or on top of a ladder and still allows full function of pan and tilt, unlike resting the camera on a blanket or sandbags. Super smooth pan and tilt operation for any size film or digital camera. I work wherever the phone takes me, so call me the next time you need a Philly AC. Dir: Ryan Coogler Dir: M. Gary Gray Dir: M. Night Shyamalan Dir: M.

Night Shyamalan Dir: Barry W. Unit 1st Assistant Camera, Phila. Unit 1st Assistant Camera Phila. I can provide just enough to fit a small budget production, or I can outfit an entire camera truck for your next major studio release. If you need to operate directly from the ground, try the Camera Rocker Swivel Plate. Sanginiti, Jr.

peter lyons collister, asc


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